I usually get my books from a library. Because it’s easiest and cheapest way. I buy just those books that I’m sure I would totally love and probably read them more than once.

When I visited library last time I got pretty nice pile of books. Some of them I want to read for a long time and some I picked random.

Library book haul

All books are in Slovenian language and I will translate titles in English and why I picked them up.

From the top:

Marilyn désossée (Marilyn Deboned) by Isabelle Wery. I don’t think that this book was translated to English (I didn’t find anything). I read about this book in magazine and was attracted by it’s description.

Bone season by Samantha Shannon. I want to read this book for a long time because I think that everyone is reading it :)

Pure by Julianna Baggott. Just like Bone season everyone is reading it. And, like I don’t have enough trilogies to read I will start with another one, haha.

iBoy by Kevin Brooks. Blue cover and I heard that’s pretty good. Enough for me.

Obzidano mesto by Marget Belani. Marget Belani is Slovenian author and book is not translated. It’s part of a trilogy (yes, another one!). I will definitely make a review for that one so I will not write a description here. Sorry :P

And last one is Little Bee by Chris Cleave. I have this book on my reading list for a while and now it’s translated and of course I had to pick it up.

So, those are all the books that I will be reading in next few weeks. Probably I will also add some extra from my Kindle. I’ll see :)


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