Book Review

The Walled City

Author: Marget Belani

This is a book from Slovenian author which probably will never be translated to English. All the names and particular phrases were translated by me and don’t mean that they are translated correctly. I just wanted to make a review and for that I have to use my version of translation (with a great help of the dictionary, haha).

Kara lives in Walled City, which is watched over by guards and it’s full of secrets. The lives of people are guided by Statues of Wise and people are still resourcing to a wisdom of ancestors.

Once, Kara’s father was an important man in the City because he was Guardian of the Secret until the night he mysteriously disappeared. Since then Kara’s life changed completely. She and her mother were saved by Lias-Nas, the elder with big influence in the city. He married Kara’s mum and with that saved Kara from becoming The one, without a name. Despite all Kara doesn’t like her stepdad. Her wish is to find out what happened to her dad and reminder to that is the amulet her father gave her.

Some day Kara almost stays trapped outside the City Walls. Mysterious boy helps her. Kara knows that boy belongs to Those, without names and that she’s not allowed to talk with him. Despite this they became friends and boy, Felias, becomes her only friend. Felias was once a grandson of important Shaman, who also mysteriously disappeared.

On the day of the biggest Feast in a city happens something unusual. One of the Statues of Wise mysteriously disappears. Kara and Felias are determined that they would find it because they suspect who hid it. They get in conflict with Lias-Nas and their only solution is to get out of the City where many dangers waits and where great adventures begin.

I liked this book a lot. Despite a book being written for a young audience, I would say it’s also a great read for older readers. I was thrilled when I found out it was written by Slovenian author and that now, we also have fantasy trilogy in Slovenia. The story is tensed and I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what happens in the end. Maybe in some parts it’s obvious that it’s written for younger readers but that didn’t bother me that much.

Some things could be better written. I’m not talking about all details but about main characters and how some things happened. Sometimes I got feeling that everything was just too smooth and that author wrote something just that story would continue. I understand that story must go on but you don’t need to push it too fast.

But I still think it’s a great book and I would recommend it.



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