Book review

Marilyn Désossée (Marilyn Deboned)

Isabelle Wery

The book talks about Marilyn Turkey. It’s divided into tree parts. The first part is about Marilyn when she was 6-8 years old, the second part when she was 25 and a third part is about Marilyn now, when she’s 40.
In every part reader can see how Marilyn tries to find herself, how she’s growing up (mentally) and what her views are on different relationships that she has. She’s trying to find her sexual identity and identity in the world. Relationships are central ideas in book because Marilyn really wants to find a love of her life and she’s asking herself how will she know that love is real. This question is bothering her when she’s younger and later when she finds someone she’s having doubts if this is really it.

This book was really strange. Marilyn has a lot of random thoughts which are also written that way – totally random. It’s not hard to read this book (it’s also really short) but still it’s hard to understand it. Or maybe I felt that way. But I didn’t understand some parts, didn’t know what author wanted to say and I was lost.
I picked this book because I read about it in some magazine and synopsis was great. And I was actually really disappointed after finishing it.



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