Review: The Bone Season

Title: The Bone Season

Author: Samantha Shannon

First book in The Bone Season Trilogy

The story is set in London, in the year 2059. People are divided into two groups. The first group are Amaurotics who are regular people. In the second group are Clairvoyants who are treated like criminals because of their special gifts. One of them is Paige Mahoney, a 19-year-old girl who is part crime syndicate Seven Seals, lead by Jaxon Hall. She’s a dreamwalker and she uses her gift to breaking into other people’s minds and scouting for pieces of information.
One day her life is threatened and she uses her abilities but accidentally kill a guard with them. She runs away and hide but a group of people find her and kidnap her. They took her to secret city of Oxford, where they put her in some kind of prison for Clairvoyants called Sheol I. Oxford is run by special kind of people called Rephaim. And Paige is assigned to one of them – Warden. Warden becomes her teacher but also her worse enemy. Paige is doing everything to escape from Oxford to her group in London.

In the beginning, this book can be really confusing. There is completely new terminology with a lot of different and unknown words that reader has to memorize. The author is just threading all those words and information and history facts without any backup story. And I got totally lost. But after a while when I figured out all the different terms and what do they mean I started enjoying the book.

I didn’t like Paige. I think she’s too dependent on Jaxon. And their whole relationship is a disaster. I understand that she’s attached to him because he protects her, but she’s overdoing it. I’m actually surprised how did it come to this because Jaxon is the most annoying person is this book. I just don’t understand her because he’s not assuring her any emotional support. She’s just business for him, something that will lead him to his goals. But still everyone is faithfully serving him.

The next thing that surprised me was how long did it took that Paige got close with Warden. I thought from the start that he’s great and wants to help her. He was completely different from other Rephaims and Paige’s blindness really surprised me. She was really nastily to him even when there was no need for that. And besides if she could be nice to Jaxon with acting to her like an idiot, why she can’t be nice to someone who is actually nice to her?!? Pha, woman!
And I would read the sequel just to find out what happened to Warden. He was the only positive figure in this book and because of him I want to know what will happen next.

This book was ok, but I thought that it would draw me in more. Because I remember how hyped this book was. And it’s always like that with hyped books – at the end they let you down. I expected so much more from this book.

Rating: 3/5


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