Review: iBoy

Title: iBoy

Author: Kevin Brooks

Kevin is an ordinary teenager, 16 years old who lives with his grandmother. One day, he’s meant to go home and meet his friend Lucy. He’s almost at home when suddenly, an iPhone falls on his head from the 30th floor of the same building where he and Lucy live.

Next thing he remembers is waking up in a hospital with his grandmother and police officers by his side. They question him about the crime that happened at the same time when an accident happened to him – somebody beat up Lucy’s brother Ben and raped Lucy. But he already knows that. He feels that something strange has happened to him and that he has all sorts of information in his head. He slowly realizes that not all pieces of iPhone were removed from his head and somehow the remaining pieces combined with his brains. All the information he could access on his phone is now available in his head. He’s able to call, send texts and access to the internet with his brains.

Tom is determined that he will help Lucy with his new abilities by finding out who harmed Lucy and he’ll pay them back.

iBoy is a young adult book and it’s a great read. The story is really likable, although a little unbelievable in some moments. I thought it was great what happened to Tom and I would also love to have access to the internet in my head. Just imagine that and all possibilities that come from this! But in the same time this can also have negative sides. And I think that author wanted to point this out. Would I do only good things? Or would I also take advantage of this and harm other people with my actions?

This book is forcing a reader to think about that and pointing out that things are not just black or white. There is not just good and evil but also things between. That ethics is not something that we can easily define. And that every action, no matter good or evil, has consequences even if it’s done with good intentions. This is also a reason why I liked this book so much. With every page, I questioned myself what would I do if I would be Tom and how would I react? Just like Tom does. But of course, there are no obvious answers to that kind of questions.
But at the end, if a person is doing good and with his conscience, things will sort out. Like they do for Tom and Lucy but not without some action and tension.

Rating: 4/5


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