Review: Caught

Title: Caught

Author: Harlan Coben


Dan is a social worker, working with troubled teens. One day he receives a phone call from a teenage girl who needs help. When he arrives into her apartment he doesn’t find her there, but reporter Wendy and her team with cameras, who are filming him for their show where they expose pedophiles. Dan claims he’s innocent, but Wendy gathered so many evidence against him that he has to go to the law court.

Haley is seventeen years old schoolgirl who mysteriously disappeared. Her parents and friends don’t believe she ran away, they think that something terrible happened to her. Just like Wendy, who’s trying to connect Haley’s disappearing with Dan. But meanwhile she discovers something strange – a long time ago when Dan was still a student of Princeton University, he lived there with four roommates. And all of them except one, were ruined in last year by some scandal.

Now, Wendy’s trying to find a truth about how these stories fit together. If they fit of course.

For me, Coben is master of crime. Like I already mentioned his books never let me down. And it was the same with Caught. I have feeling that he truly deepens in his characters and there is never just one story in his book. But at the end all stories are so well connected into reasonable integrity. Just like in this book.

He’s characters are always so real. Their lives genuine and it’s not hard to relate with them or their situations in books.

You make so many calls in life that you don’t want to make – and you want those calls to be easy. You want to put people in neat categories, make them monsters or angels, but it almost never works that way. You work in the gray and frankly that kinda sucks. The extremes are so much easier.

Rare we can fit people into just one of this extreme categories. Each of us has something good and something bad inside. But if we still want to mark somebody with just good or bad result is, what happened in this book.

Dan is accused of pedophilia. He’s defending himself in court. But he can’t defend himself before friends, family, and other people. Because they already found him guilty. This book shows us perfectly how someone’s life can be ruined with too fast conclusions. Dan will never again be able to live a normal life because there will always be some doubt about him. And in time when we all have access to the internet it’s so easy to ruin somebody’s life. It’s not that hard to arrange some information or spread nasty rumors. But we have to ask ourselves how our acts will not only affect some other man’s life, but also our own. Forever.

And Wendy… The main character in this book. A reporter who’s inexorable, probably also because of her profession. And the tragedy in her life which has marked her so badly that she became uncompromising and she sticks with her principles no matter what. But we can see in her case that sometimes is better to listen to your heart.

And actually only Wendy bothered me in this book. She was so strictly about everything. But it was still a wonderful read, really tensed and I loved how everything connected at the end!

Rating: 5/5


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