Review: Finding Hope

Title: Finding Hope

Author: Colleen Nelson


I received eARC to read and make a review. The book will be published on 19th March 2016.

This book is written from two different points of views. The first perspective is from Hope, fifteen years old teenage girl and the second perspective is from her older brother Eric, who is a drug addict.
Hope is young girl struggling with family problems. She lives in small town, where everybody knows each other. Her parents kicked her brother Eric out of the house because he can’t quit drugs. She still wants to help him desperately and provides him food and money. Eric is ok with that, because in that way he isn’t worried where he’ll find money for drugs. But with the start of new school year, Hope starts to attend school in a bigger city. She knows that this is her only chance to leave her life behind, and starts with new life (without a burden of Eric’s addiction) and make some friends.
At first everything goes well, she has a great roommate and she makes friends with a group of “popular” girls. But one day she refuses to do something that they want and she becomes their target. In the same time, her brother appears in front of her school and she doesn’t know what to do. The only bright spot in her life is her online boyfriend Devon who she never met.

I liked this book. It was interesting and I really loved the poems that Hope writes. I think that Eric’s perspective is really well written. He acts like “a real” drug addict – he doesn’t care about other people, their feelings or how his actions will affect them. At the end he doesn’t care about Hope either, he just wants her money. And I liked this. I mean… I felt bad for him, for reasons why he started using drugs, but his character was really interesting and real.
Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Hope. Ok, she’s young. But she’s extremely naive. At the beginning of the book, I tried to understand her. I get that she loves her brother and this was a reason why she was giving him money (but, c’mon which drug addict buys food?). But her actions in school was something that I still can’t understand. But at least she showed some courage at the end of the book and I like her a little bit more because of that.
But a character that bothered me the most was their mom. She was just someone in the background, doing nothing. And I felt bad for her, for her inactivity and for her family. Sending your kids away and pretending that this will solve problems is not a solution.

This book is dealing with some difficult topics, like addiction, sexual abuse and (internet) harassment. It’s definitely not an easy read. And I think that author made a good job to combine everything together.

Rating: 4/5


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