2016 Releases I’m looking forward to

Each year there are many books published and it’s obvious that we can’t read them all. Sometimes it’s even hard to read all those that we want to read.

In spite of everything, there are books that I really really wanna read and when they’re published I have to have them and read them in that moment. Usually, those books are sequels because I rarely keep track about stand alone books. I usually hear about that kind of books when they’re already published and everyone talks about them.

But, I already have a list of some books that will be published in 2016 and can’t wait to read them.

The list is in no particular order.

The City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin
Book #3 in The Passage Trilogy – publication date: May 24th, 2016


I have to admit, this si probably the book that I’m most looking forward to because I’m waiting for it since 2012. And I can’t wait to read it and finish this trilogy and find answers to all the questions I have.

If you like creepy books with vampires (the real ones, evil and gruesome) than you have to read this book! Ok, you have to start with the first book but I promise you that this books won’t let you down. They are suspense from start till the end and I actually couldn’t sleep in dark while reading first one because I was so scared (yes, I had to have a light on).

Half Lost by Sally Green
Book #3 in Half Bad Trilogy – publication date: March 29th, 2016


Fantasy book about black and white witches, about good and bad ones. And between them, there is Nathan who is half black and half white. Because he’s different he doesn’t belong to any side and everyone wants him dead. But we’ll see what will happen in the last book and if things will change.

The Last Star by Rick Yancey
Book #3 in The 5th Wave trilogy – publication date: May 24th, 2016


Again, another trilogy. Invasion of aliens almost destroyed Earth and killed a majority of people. Not many left, but those who remained are fighting and trying to survive. They are trying to understand what happened and are doing everything to defeat intruders.

Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace
Publication date: January 26th, 2016


One day, Breeze Lin wakes up in a shallow grave, without any memory about who killed her or why. She doesn’t understand what happened to her and why she’s conscious, but she know’s she has a special gift now – she’s able to sense  who around her is hiding a murderous past.

This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp
Publication date: January 5th, 2016


It’s completely normal day in high school and all students gathered in the auditorium where the principal had speech. After the speech, they wanted to leave the auditorium but doors didn’t open. And then, somebody started shooting.

It’s a story told by four different perspectives and what they experienced in those 54 harrowing minutes.

The Winds of Winter by George R. R. Martin
A Song of Ice and Fire #6

Yes… I know… This book doesn’t have a publication date. Also, there is no cover yet. But still I’m hoping that rumors are true and this book will finally be published at the end of 2016. I think that I don’t have to tell what this saga is about because I think that also people who don’t read Martin’s books know what these books are about. Of course, I’m one of those people who are desperately waiting for next book (#6) and I’m truly hoping that 2016 will be THE year.

As I mentioned before, those are just a few books that I’m interested to read but I don’t doubt that my to-be-read pile will get even longer during next year.

Does any of you also have a list with not-yet-published books? Is there any book that you’re desperately waiting to be published? If there is, please, share in comments!


5 thoughts on “2016 Releases I’m looking forward to

    • I will be so disappointed if The Winds of Winter will not be published next year… It’s been so long since we’re waiting! It’s like a bad joke :D
      And yes… if you have time, you definitely should check The Passage (this is the first book). I can easily say that it’s one of my favorites books. I can’t wait to reread it again before the third one will come out.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Passage sounds really interesting! And yeah, I’m a newcomer for reading ASOIAF series, I only started last year but I just can’t wait for the next book to be released!


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