Book review: The Grownup

Title: The Grownup

Author: Gillian Flynn 26025580

The main character in this book is a canny young woman who’s making a money for living with harmless frauds since she was little. As a little girl, she was begging for money with her mother but now, when she’s independent and living on her own, she’s reading people’s auras. One day a young woman, Susan Burke comes for aura reading. Susan has moved into an old Victorian house with her husband and two sons, but she’s not happy in her new home. Her new house fills her with a sense of fear. She wants help because she thinks that house is dangerous and has a bad influence on her eldest stepson. The heroine (her name is not revealed) doesn’t hesitate and offers her help because she sees a great opportunity to earn a lot of money from unhappy and rich Susan.

This book is actually a short story, which was published as a book. Because I really liked previous Flynn’s books I was really happy that I could read something new from her. Even more so, because I don’t read a lot of short stories and I was wondering if the author has managed to create a tension as in her other books.

I must admit that main character is presented very well. Again (like in previous Flynn’s books) a heroine is a young woman who had problems in childhood and difficult adolescence. This is a regular feature is Flynn’s stories. Nevertheless, I liked her (which I can’t claim for characters in other books), because she’s funny which also reflects in the text.

However, I think that the biggest problem of this story is her length. I believe it would be much better if the author would have a chance to develop her characters and develop ideas. And this would only be possible if the book would be longer.

I really liked the first part of the book, but the second part left me down. Because, suddenly, the reader is faced with a lot of facts that must be quickly adopted. Also, the facts are given out very dull and too detailed (there is not much left for reader’s imagination). This is also a reason, why I was not satisfied with the end. Moreover, there were a way to many twists in the story at the end, which would be totally fine if the story would be longer.

Otherwise, this book is good, solid reading (a really fast read) but I must admit that I expected more from it.

Rating: 3/5


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