Book Review: The Girl who loved Tom Gordon

Title: The Girl who loved Tom Gordon

Author: Stephen King


Nine-years-old Trisha goes hiking with her mum and older brother. That kind of weekend trips are something usual since her mother and father divorced and the three of them moved away. Her mother thinks that spending time together will connect them again as a family. But still her brother wants to live with their dad and move back to him.This is also a reason of all constant fights between him and mum and Trisha is trapped somewhere between all that.

As usual, this hiking trip also starts with a fight and also continues on a hiking trail. Trisha quietly follows her mom and brother, who are still fighting and ignoring her totally. They don’t notice how she’s falling behind and how she disappeared because she needed to pee. Because Trisha got out of the trail she can’t find a way back. She remains lost in a woods and although she’s expecting to be found soon, she must spend the first night in the woods. And not just the first one, but also second and third, …

Before I started reading this book I didn’t know much about it, nor did I read the description on the back. I knew that it would probably be good because after all the author is Stephen King and I always like his books.

And for all those who don’t like horror books – believe me, you can still read this book because it’s not so scary. It is a suspense book, but you’ll be still able to sleep at night (even without the light, hehe).

Despite being so young, Trisha is a very likable character, she’s mature and funny. And she’s trying to overcome her problems with humor. At first, when caught in constant fights between mother and brother, and later, when she finds herself trapped in the woods. She’s realistic, which is incredible for someone her age, but in the end, that’s what saves her.

What also saves her is Tom Gordon, who is her favorite baseball player and who becomes her companion (imaginary of course) between aimless wandering through the woods. And as Trisha also admits, she would gave up a long time ago if Tom would not be by her side. They have long conversations while walking and Tom is her support during hard times. And it’s so real, how everyone needs support during difficult times, some positive point that you can rely on. And without Tom Trisha would not be able to accept such an inhuman efforts.

However, from the start of the book, it’s clear that woods are merciless and something evil and threatening is living there. Trisha always has this feeling that something is watching and following her and she’s just waiting that this “thing” will be able to slaughter her with its claws. Something like that was, of course, expected because after all, we are reading King’s book.

Despite the fact that most of the time in this book we read about Trisha wandering through the woods, a book is still exciting and interesting to read. I was wondering if Trisha will be rescued at the end and, of course, what actuall is the “monster” who follows her. And, if it’s even real.

The end is great and I came to the conclusion that I should read more King’s books in future.

Rating: 4/5

Did you read this book or any other by King? What did you think about it?


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