2016 Reading Challenges

As every year, at the beginning, it’s time for new resolutions and reading challenges.

I always skip the resolutions, because I’m a natural quitter and I give up too soon. But I really like challenges. Especially reading challenges because in that way my reading year is more varied and I pick up books that I usually wouldn’t read.

I came across some amazing challenges for this year but decided that I will not exaggerate (as I usually do) and I will choose just a few of them.

And here we go.


Like every year, the first challenge is always the one on Goodreads. This one is quite easy – you just choose how many books you want to read per year and that’s it.

This year (as previous years) I decided to choose number 50.




This is Slovenian forum for book lovers and every year they prepare a new reading challenge. This year was no exception – they made a list with 25 different topics. I think they’re more difficult as the previous year but that will only make my reading more exciting.

2016 Classics Challenge

This one is new for me. I decided to join challenge hosted by Stacey on her blog The Pretty Books. The point of the challenge is, to read one classic per month. I love classic books but unfortunately, I don’t read them often enough. And this challenge will (I hope so) make me do it. If you want to know more about this challenge, you can read it here.

Do you also participate in reading challenges and if you do, which ones?


8 thoughts on “2016 Reading Challenges

  1. I do the goodreads challenge. My goal is 250 books. (I read 242 in 2015, and my goal was only 100.) I’m also going to do a horror challenge this year. I think its…16? horror books, maybe. I don’t remember the precise details. That’s it, though. I don’t like feeling like I *have* to read something for x reason.


    • Wow, that’s a lot of books. Amazing! And good luck! ;) Yeah, like you said, if you push yourself too hard and reading only just to achieve some goals, is useless. Reading should be fun. That’s why I don’t want to participate in too many challenges.

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    • I think we’re all on Goodreads challenge :) I also wanted to do Popsugar challenge this year but later I discovered that it’s really similar to the one of Bralnica. And decided against it. Three will be enough for me and I’ll see how good I’ll be. Maybe next year. And good luck with your goals!

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  2. Bralnica really did go ‘now-you-know-the-challenge-it’s-time-to-go-a-level-higher’ route. But there are a few categories that I recognize from the Popsugar reading challenge, so it shouldn’t be a problem, especially since girls are already hard at work compiling lists of good and relevant books. So there’s that. ;)

    You know that I go overboard with reading challenges and this year more so than any before, so i won’t go into detail here. I really like your Classics challenge. Good luck!


    • I really wanted to do Popsugar challenge but seen that some of them are also in Bralnica’s challenge. So I decided I’ll skip Popsugar.
      I saw all your challenges and I was like “wow” :D You’ll participate in some amazing challenges and I was thinking to increase my number but then changed my mind. I’ll see how it will go and maybe next year I’ll do some more of them. And good luck to you too!

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