Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Fandoms

New year, new top 5 Wednesday. Check more about this group here.

I must confess that I had to look up what word “fandoms” means. And you can imagine how hard it was for me to put a list of my favorite fandoms if I didn’t even know what this was.

But here is my list. There are not only books on it but also tv series.

Game of Thrones

Of course. And probably I don’t have to write what these books/series are about. I started with reading all the books and said that I will never watch series. Because I just wasn’t interested. But later when I read all the books I wanted more of GoT and I gave up. Now I’m a fan of both.

The Passage Trilogy (by Justin Cronin)

I know… I’m talking about this trilogy all the time. But I can’t help myself because I seriously like it so much. And I really want to share my enthusiasm with the rest of the world. The third and last book will be published this May and I can honestly say this is the first time when I want to read a book really badly but at the same time, I don’t because this will mean the end.

I think that Cronin is also the only author I follow on social medias, so I can be updated with everything.

Pretty Little Liars (tv series)

I started watching this series years ago and it’s my guilty pleasure. I’m aware that it’s nothing special about it but still I think it’s funny and it relaxes me. I actually don’t watch many series (especially not alone – usually I watch them with my boyfriend and we have to pick up something that we both like). But I’m sticking with this show for years now and I will continue till the end (which I hope it won’t be soon).

Much later I found out that tv series are actually based on books. But I don’t have any interest to read them at all and I will remain faithful to the tv series.

The 100 (tv series)

I’m aware that there are many holes in the plot of The 100. But again… Guilty pleasures and I can’t resist watching. For those who doesn’t know what this series is about – after almost 100 years when mankind was destroyed and the few survivors were rescued on the spacecraft they sent 100 teenagers back to Earth to see if it’s possible to live on Earth again. You can imagine that they get into a lot of troubles, haha.

John Green

I hope that it counts for Fandom if you’re a fan of a particular person. Because I’m definitely a fan of Green. Each of his books was amazing and I enjoyed reading it. Ok, some more, some less. But I still think he’s an amazing author.

I would love to hear about your favorite fandoms. You can tell me wich one are yours or just add a link to your Top5 in comments.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Fandoms

    • I know exactly what you’re talking about! I just don’t get it… we have waited for several seasons and then bam! everything happened so fast, just in one episode. But I can’t wait for next season!
      I checked your fandoms and I really have to start watching Doctor Who. Everyone is talking about this series!

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