New Kindle!

Last Friday, I celebrated my birthday and I got a best possible gift from my friends – new Kindle!

I became an owner of a new Kindle Paperwhite and I couldn’t be happier with this gift! I actually already own an e-reader (also an Amazon Kindle) but I bought it a few years ago and I wanted a new one because it started working slowly and I really wanted to have the one with a light.

Nevertheless, I’ll still keep the old one because I’m too attached to it. I can say that for the past few years he was my best friend and he went everywhere with me. He accompanied me during all my travels and was always by my side. But what’s most important, with him I was able to visit so many different places and meet many different characters and experienced things that without him and books I read, it would never be possible. And surely I will still read books on my old e-reader also.

Due to all parties and friends & family coming over this weekend I didn’t have time to read at all. And this is also a reason why I haven’t published any reviews. However, I’m looking forward to read the first book on my new Kindle – I hope that now I’ll have more time and that I’ll be able to write a new review soon.


4 thoughts on “New Kindle!

    • By now, it looks amazing. It’s fast and I love the touchscreen. It so much easier to check unknown words in a dictionary for me than using buttons :D And I love the built-in light!

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      • I’ve got the touchscreen regular one. I resisted getting the paperwhite because it’d be too easy for me to keep reading long after I have the light off and need to be asleep, but…but…. yeah. lol.


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