Book Review: Adam’s Legacy

Title: Adam’s Legacy

Author: Astrid Rosenfeld10125238

When I checked the Goodreads page of this book I noticed, that it’s not yet translated into English. Originally it was published in Germany but I read translated version.
The book title in the German language:
Adams Erbe.

The book interweaves the story of two generations of one Jewish family.
First, there is a story about young Edward Cohen, who lives without a father, with mother Magda, grandmother Lara and grandfather Moses. They all remind him of his amazing resemblance to grandfather’s brother Adam. However, nobody wants to talk about him. They just remind him how Adam disappeared without a trace with all of the family money, which they saved for escaping from Nazi Germany during Second World War.
But one day, Edward discovers Adam’s legacy in the attic of a family house. The book, which was written by Adam, unveils what actually happened with Adam.

I liked the first part of the book. Edward is a really funny character, as well as his family. The story is full of humor and fun adventures of Edward and his stepfather Jack (also know as The King). Jack is a person who enters into Cohen family really unexpectedly but had a huge impact on their lives. Some of the situations were almost unbelievable but that makes a story even more entertaining.
The topic of the second part of the book is more serious and so is the writing. I always liked reading about Second World War, despite the sadness and helplessness, I feel while reading. Adam’s tragic fate, which is full of sacrifices, for which the family does not even know, really touches the heart. The story describes the life and tragedy of Jews, Adam’s unrequited love and sacrifices of many individuals.
I really can’t say much about characters. I liked them all, except Jack. I think he was extremely egocentric and his attitude was just awful. I felt bad for Edward who idealized him so much and I think that he would deserve better father figure in his life. It’s good that his grandmother also had a huge impact on him.
On the other hand, I felt sorry for Adam, because he didn’t deserve such life. But… who did? Jewish persecution and following conditions – nobody deserves such a life. Nevertheless, Adam always stayed optimistic and was full of hope for future.
Mainly, this is a book about relationships. About those, who are full of love and the ones, who are triggered by the hate which leads to tragic acts and events.


Rating: 4/5 stars

What do you think about history books, particular the ones including Second World War? Do you have any book recommendations?


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