Book Review: As Black as Ebony

Title: As Black as Ebony (Snow White Trilogy #3)

Author: Salla Simukka26144675

Lumikki’s life is slowly returning to normal after she returned from Prague, where she exposed the evil purpose of a religious sect.
She started to go to school, where she met Sampsa, a wonderful guy who became her boyfriend. Lumikki can’t believe how loving he is and how lucky she is to have him. But nothing changed with her relationship with her parents and more are the events from Prague drawing away, less courage she has, to ask them about her missing sister.
Then suddenly, she starts to receiving secret messages/threats from a stalker. He threatens her and her loved ones and apparently knows all the details of her life. Even those that she doesn’t know. And, as it’s not enough for Lumikki trying to find out who this person could be and what will be his next move, in her life suddenly appears her ex, Blaze. That Blaze who broke her heart and Lumikki didn’t get over her yet.

I can only say, it’s too bad that this book is so short. But not because it was so good, but because it could be so much better if the author would extensively explain certain things. It seemed to me, that everything happened too quickly, and despite the fact that things are clarified, something was still missing.

Like in previous books, I liked Lumikki’s character in this also. She’s a bit older and more mature and so is the book topic. She finds herself in a love triangle, she’s lost and doesn’t know what to do. Despite everything that Blaze did, Lumikki still wants her and has feelings for her. Which is a reason why her new relationship is suffering. I must admit that I felt sorry for her boyfriend because he really didn’t deserve this. He was such a nice guy, really in love with her and did some really amazing things, and Lumikki wanted Blaze?!? As if she wouldn’t leave her suddenly and (almost) without a reason. Pfff! Yes, I never liked Blaze too much.

I also felt like a stalker was somehow pushed into the background and served only to ensure that once in a while Lumikki got a new clue about her sister. And in that way, this book is different from the first two – if in previous books there was always some crime in front and mystery to be solved, in this book Lumikki mostly explores her thoughts and life.

The end of the book came too fast and in the few last pages is explained everything regarding Lumikki’s past and her stalker.

This trilogy is now finished. Otherwise, books were good, but I still believe that the author could better exploit the potential of the plot(s). Because the combination of a crime novel and teenager as the main character is attractive and I haven’t read many books like that.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Did you read any book by Simukka? What did you think about it? And of course… I would be more than happy if you could recommend any good crime novel with a teenager as the main character. Thanks!


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