Book review: The Girl in 6E

Title: The Girl in 6E

Author: A. R. Torre


Deanna hasn’t left her apartment for three years. That was her decision because she doesn’t trust herself. She has terrible desire to kill and the only way to control herself is being locked and isolated from other people.
Everything she needs, she gets on The Internet. Moreover, she’s working as a cam girl – via online cameras, she offers sexual services to her clients. And she’s successful at what she does. Deanna aka Jessica has different types of customers but each of them is looking for a pleasure and sometimes even for fulfilling their fantasies and fetishes.
But a man can’t be isolated from people forever and at first, Deanna’s peace is disturbed by UPS delivery guy, who regularly carries her packages she orders online. And later she discovers, that one of her customers has strange desires and that his fetish crossed the line and he may actually be a madman who will hurt someone.

I must admit that I was very surprised by the book. I thought it would be just another crime story and I definitely haven’t expected so much sexual content. But to be clear, that doesn’t bother me at all. But maybe some readers could be disturbed by that.

I didn’t know much about cam sex. Ha, I didn’t know anything at all, to be honest. And I loved reading about it! It was really fascinating and while reading I could see that author did a research about the topic and everything was presented and explained well.
The story emerges slowly because, in the first half of the book, a reader gets to know Deanna and her clients. However, it was so interesting to read about all the different characters who are really unique.
First, there is Deana aka Jessica. I can’t even imagine, that somebody has such a desire to kill and he’s aware of it, so he’s willingly isolated from others. I thought that Deanna was an inventive person and in spite of her character, very pleasant girl.

At the same time, I was fascinated by a variety of Deanna’s clients characters. I can easily imagine that cam girls who are offering sexual services online can meet some “strange” clients and this little insight into their lives was fantastic. How many different fetishes I never heard about before! And I liked that through Deanna chatting with clients I was able to get to know her character.

I must admit that I liked the first half of the book more than the second. In the second part, Deanna is trying to discover who could be the secret client and how could she resolve the situation. And if the first half of the book seemed truly credible to me, I was not impressed with the second part. According to Deanna’s complexes and problems, it just seemed unbelievable. And I felt same with learning about Deanna’s past and reasons for hers desire to kill.

I would probably give this book fewer stars if the first part of the book wouldn’t be so enjoyable and I also liked a really unusual idea of a story.

Rating: 4/5 stars


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