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It’s been a while since I published a review of a book here – as a matter of fact, it’s been a while since I published anything at all, so I decided to post this brief explain about I was “away”.

The first reason is, that somehow I can’t find time to read or better, I don’t read as much as I would like to. And second, all the books I’m currently reading have more than 400 pages. Because I’m reading huge books at the same time, I haven’t finished any of them. Logical. I should learn by now that it’s not smart to read just massive books and that I should add at least one shorter book between my currently reading books :)

I’m currently reading:

The Passage by Justin Cronin6690798

I’m reading this book for a third time now. In May, the third book in this trilogy will be published and of course, I have to reread first two. I’m reading it really slowly and taking notes because I will also participate in The Passage trilogy readalong on Goodreads.

10964Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

I started with reading a while ago and I just can’t get into it. I had such high hopes for this book because of all the hype around it but I’m really struggling with reading.

I borrowed a book from a library and later discovered that Slovenian edition of this book is actually divided into two parts. Ugh!

Assasin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb21956219

I’m glad that I finally started reading this book. Currently, I’m halfway through and must admit that I’m impressed. I will not write about the plot here because I will definitely write a review of this book when I finish it – I hope this will happen soon.

That would be all, like I said, just a quick update about what I’m currently reading. I really hope that I will finish at least one book until the end of this week.

Do you read multiple books at once or do you prefer reading just one?


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