Top 5 Wednesday: Books I DNF

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey and here is official group site: Top 5 Wednesday. You can read all about the group and challenges there.

Today’s topic is: Books you DNF (did not finish)

First, I want to say, that there are not many books I didn’t finish. I felt bad if I started reading a book and just gave up. So I always forced myself to finish it. Everything changed with a third book in Fifty Shades trilogy. It was just so bad that I stopped and thought for a moment – is it truly worth reading a book that you don’t like and don’t enjoy while reading it? I mean, there are so many books that I want to read, why waste my time with the one I don’t like? Since then, I don’t have problems with not finishing a book.

But, I do have two categories of books I didn’t finish:

  1. books I didn’t like and I don’t intend to read them again (currently I have 10 books on this list)
  2. books I didn’t finish but I still liked them in some way – maybe I was just not in the mood for reading a particular genre or I started with another book and forgot what previous was about. And maybe I will read them someday but of course, I’ll have to start from beginning (I have 6 books on this list)

Today I’ll talk about books from the first category and here is my list:

On the Road by Jack Kerouac2552

I thought this book will be good, after all, it is a classic. But for me, it was horrible. I struggled with every page because it was so monotonous. I didn’t like characters, the plot was boring and nothing happened. I read half of it and I couldn’t continue.


Jonas Jonasson’s books: The Hundred-Year-Old Man who climbed out of the window and disappeared and The Girl who saved the King of Sweden

Because of the humor and because everyone was talking about them, I thought I would enjoy in books a lot. But I just couldn’t get into the story, too much was going on and everything was exaggerated. I read more than a half of a first book and later, when the second book was translated I decided to give it a try and quit after the second chapter. Because it was the same as a first one.

Now I know, that I just don’t like Jonasson’s style and no way, that I’ll read any of his books again.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion16181775

Omg. I hated it! I had such a huge expectations about this book and I disliked everything about it. I thought that story was stupid and I disliked both main characters. I tried hard but every time I took this book in my hands and read more than a page I become annoyed and irritated about stupidities in a book.

18693763Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng

So slow. So complicated. So much drama. And still nothing happened. It was just not my cup of tea. Still I read so many good reviews about this book and how worthy of reading it is, that I’m actually considering to read it again some day. But not so soon, haha.

Little Bee by Chris Cleave 6948436

I really wanted to like this book. After all, it’s about Nigerian refugee in a foreign country where she’s struggling to survive and accept the new culture. But characters didn’t convince me and my eyes were closing while reading constantly, haha.


Did you read any book from my list and loved it/didn’t like it also? What are your thoughts about not finishing books? 


11 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Books I DNF

  1. I wasn’t enjoying Everything I Never Told You but I still forced myself to read it, and I still didnt like it when I finished. I can understand it might be a new story for some people but I’ve heard this story before.

    I’ve heard praises for it too but I’d suggest to not waste your time. Unless you’re really in the mood for it.

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      • Lol that happens to me all the time. I always think theres something wrong with me for not liking a book everyone seems to love. But it made no sense. It wasn’t a believable situation.
        Thanks for the comment :)

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