Top 5 Wednesday: Books I’m Intimidated By

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey and here is official group site: Top 5 Wednesday. You can read all about the group and challenges there.

Today’s topic is: Books I’m intimidated by

And here is my list:

1. House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski337907

I bought this book years ago and I actually started reading it. But I don’t know if I managed to read more than a few pages. It’s a huge book, written in a strange/funny format, which attracts me but also repels. And I heard it’s sick and twisted and mind-blowing and  I’m not sure if I want to know why.

127812. The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie

I bought this book when I was in university. One of the professors recommended it to us and because it’s also considered as one of the most controversial books ever written, I had to buy it. And this is also a reason why I’m so intimidated by it. The second reason is, that I started reading it as soon as I bought it but I was so bored that I gave up. Still, some day, I know I will read it.

3. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy110913

It’s one of those books that are sadly waiting on my bookshelf to be read. I really don’t know how I got this book – it’s a really old Slovenian edition in two books. But still they’re huge and waiting. And I’m waiting for that moment that I’ll be grabbed by a desire to read Russian classics, haha.

675914. Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

I heard for this book recently and was immediately attracted by the synopsis and since then I want to read it badly. However, I have my doubts about this book… 1088 pages in The English language which probably won’t be easy to read.

5. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell6794

When it was released, it seemed that everyone was talking about this book. So I bought it and since then, I have it on my bookshelf. Besides that it’s huge, I’m mostly afraid that the language would be too heavy for me because I bought an English version.


Those are the books I’m intimidated by. Is any of them also on your list? If not, I would love to hear about books you’re intimidated by. Comment below or just add a link to your blog post. I will definitely check it out.



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Books I’m Intimidated By

  1. House of Leaves is a good one! I hear the format is definitely wacky and twisted so I don’t blame you for putting it on here and I agree that it’s interesting and repelling at the same time. Great list! :)

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  2. Anna Karenina is also on my list, that book is huge. We have Satanic Verses at our library. I picked it up due to the controversies surrounding it but couldn’t even get past the first chapter.I got really bored and DNFed it. I don’t think that I will ever read it. Great list.

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    • Thank you. As I mentioned it was recommended by one of my professors. And he actually said: “I don’t understand you, folks! I know that this book is strange and boring from beginning. But what’s wrong with you? If you think that way, just skip that part! It gets only better.”
      So yeah… maybe I’ll try to read it that way, haha :D


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