Book Review: The Magicians

Title: The Magicians

Autor: Lev Grossman6101718

Quentin lives completely normal teenage life until the day of his interview for the University of Princeton, where he founds his examiner dead. He also finds a strange envelope with his name on it, which leads him into completely new and strange world.

He’s accepted to the secret magical university where he begins to realize that magic truly exists and he learns how to use it.

It took me a while to get into this book. But I never truly enjoyed while reading. For me, it was a slow read, without a clear point and mostly, I didn’t know what’s going on. Not that I wouldn’t understand but I didn’t get it, how things are connected. And if you read a book and don’t know why are you reading some things, I would say, it’s pretty bad. Everything just seemed like it doesn’t have any connection with the story.

The book is divided into several “books”, each of them addresses a specific period of Quentin’s life. Things become more interesting when Quentin starts to attempt Brakebills University. But if things could be super excited and interesting, they’re not. Because rarely anything happens. It’s just description how Quentin and his classmates hang out and drink. And there is a lot of alcohol.

I usually enjoy if authors incorporate alcohol, cursing, drugs and sex into the story because I think this is a part of every teenager and later mature person life. I think we shouldn’t avoid these topics because if they are part of our lives, they also should be part of book plots. But it bothered me in this book because these things were used without a sense. They didn’t improve a story and they were not related to a story. I had feeling that author just used them, to make his characters more grown up.

After the graduation, Quentin, and his friends find themselves in completely new, adult life. But don’t worry, no spoilers here!

If I though that story will get better or at least will be more reasonable, I was wrong. True, more is going on but again, it’s all confusing. Everything is just one big mess and then the book ends.

I was not impressed with Quentin or his friends. I liked that they were older and more mature. Considering my age, lately, I have trouble reading about shy first kisses and first sex and so on. And I liked this book because here people behave differently as in other YA books. Too bad, that author didn’t take advantage of this because he could create a good magical world for older readers also.

The problem was, that all characters are rather dull, self-important and depressed. Quentin is a completely bored boy who longs for adventures and action, but when things start to happen, he loses interest. Somewhere in the book, it’s mentioned, that he feels pity for all people living boring and dull life. But the reader soon discovers, that he’s the one, who is bored and living aimlessly.

All the other characters are just like Quentin. Annoying and weird in their own way.

The entire book for me was a huge disappointment. I was actually thinking about giving it one star but I finally decided, however, it was not such a disaster. But I really expected more from this book, especially being more interesting.

Rating: 2/5 stars

Did you read The Magicians? What do you think about this book? I know that this book is part of the series, did you read next books? Are they better and more interesting?


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