2017 Reading Goals

I know… I know… I’m late again. But because I haven’t read any book yet, I think it’s still time to write a post like this.

So, like every year, I set myself a few reading goals and challenges and hopefully (yes, I say this every year) I will manage to complete all of them (I have to mention, that I never do, ha).


Just like in the past years, I’ll be participating in Goodreads Reading Challenge. This year I want to read 50 books. I think this is the most reasonable number for me – it’s not too low but still not too high. capture


Like I already mentioned, Bralnica is Slovenian page for book lovers. Every year they prepare a reading challenge – it looks like a Bingo and you have to complete 25 different challenges. I like this challenge because it forces me to read all kind of different books.

My reading goals

  1. I want to read at least one classic per month.
  2. I want to complete a few series.
  3. I own a lot of books. Usually, I just buy them and they end up on my shelves, lonely and forgotten. So I decided that I’ll motivate myself a little bit. For every 5 books that I will read (I have to own them), I can reward myself with buying a new book. Otherwise, I will not buy any new books.

Those are my reading goals for 2017. Do you set yourself goals or you just go with the flow? :) I would love to hear your thoughts in comments!



3 thoughts on “2017 Reading Goals

  1. My reading goals are very similar. However I like your idea of reading books that are already on your shelves. I definitely need to do that. Thank you for this idea about rewarding yourself, it’s more than awesome :)


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