Book Review: The Breakdown

Title: The Breakdown

Author: B.A. Paris


On a stormy night, while returning from a party, Cass decides that she’ll take a shortcut through the woods. While driving through the forest, she notices a car and a woman in it. Since it looks like that woman doesn’t need a help, Cass goes on. The next morning it’s all over the news that a woman was killed in the forest, the killer escaped and that the police is asking possible witnesses for their help.

Cass is frightened, but she does not dare tell anyone that she was passing by. Not even her husband, because he explicitly mentioned it, she should not drive there alone in the night. But Cass gets even more frightened when the killer begins to harass her on the phone and follow her. At the top of everything, she starts losing her memory.

The Breakdown is a solid thriller, but nothing more. I borrowed the book in the library, it was short and fun read. But that’s all.

Cass almost witnessed a murder – she doesn’t know whether the woman in the car was still alive when she was passing by or whether the killer was with her in the car. She is glad that nothing has happened to her, but at the same time, she’s feeling responsible, because she didn’t help a woman. Even more, when it turns out, that they actually knew each other. And this goes on and on through the whole book. Which becomes extremely annoying at some point. I remember thinking, oh, just tell someone what you saw! Ugh!

Things get even more complicated when she begins losing her memory, which scares her even more. Her mother died quite young, and in the last years of her life, Cass was taking care for her, because she suffered from a severe form of dementia. Cass is therefore even more terrified because she suspects she’s also suffering from this illness. She can’t trust no one, not even her husband because she was keeping her mother’s illness form him all the time.

In the beginning, it was entertaining reading about all the unpleasant situations when Cass misremembers things. But somewhere in the middle of the book, I got bored. It’s clear from the beginning, she’s not losing her mind and there is no need to exaggerate with all “Cass didn’t know how this happened”. In fact, Cass is near the breakdown and she’s on pills, not remembering anything about her days. Still, the reader receives all descriptions about situations and things Cass has forgotten about.

Once the story begins to unfold, it became interesting again. I quickly figured out that there is something more behind the whole story, but the end was still (pleasantly) surprising to me. In a way, there was something funny in unraveling of events.

It is a thriller that I would recommend for reading on the beach. The story is slightly stretched, there is nothing shocking in it, but it offers relaxation and a bit of fun.


Rating: 3/5stars

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts about it? Did you read any other book by this author? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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