Book Review: Ripper

Title: Ripper

Author: Isabel Allende


Unexplained murders are happening in San Francisco and even the SFPD’s Deputy Chief of Homicide is having a hard time investigating them. But his seventeen years old daughter Amanda is helping him. Amanda was always fascinated by crimes and she’s also a leader in online game Ripper, where she’s solving crimes with her online friends. With her players and help of her grandfather, she soon discovers that crimes in San Francisco are connected to each other and they’re work of a serial killer. And suddenly her mother disappears. Is she a next victim?

This was my first book from author Isabel Allende. I have heard wonderful things about her books but I was even more attracted by this book because of its synopsis. I love a good mystery book so I couldn’t wait to read it. But, I was truly disappointed.

The story reveals the process of searching a serial killer and details about murders. However, unfortunately, this part is often pushed into the background, because the author focuses on other details of the story which are not really relevant. Thus, most of the story consists of descriptions of people, who they are, what were they doing in the past and what they are doing now. Yet, even these descriptions are not well written or entertaining, but they are quite poorly written. Like short summaries, which are repeated too many times. I also noticed that in most cases, events and extensively writing about them have not provided anything to the story, but it was a ballast that made reading awkward and extended book to more than 500 pages.

Because of that, even the story about a crime isn’t as interesting as it could be. Often I completely forgot what book was about. And it’s like the author had the same problems as I had – every few chapters this serial-killer-story is forcibly resurrected back to life. I guess just because readers are expecting it?!?

All the characters stood out too much to be pleasant. Nobody was average, they were all some crazy-bohemian-heroic persons. This for me was also a reason, why reading about their relationships sounded insincere and unnatural. There were too many complications, rather than focusing on the original story that actually attracted me.

The last few chapters of the book were for me the most pleasing, when the story of a killer began to unfold and where the reader finds out about killers motives that brought to crimes. Again, there was a lot of details but it actually made sense. The rest of the book was just *yawn*.

Rating: 2/5 stars

Did you read Ripper? What are your thoughts about this book? Can you recommend me any other book by Allende?



Book Review: Stone Bruises

Title: Stone Bruises

Author: Simon Beckett18189475

Sean is a young Englishman who is on the run. He finds himself on a remote farm in the French countryside, where he accidentally steps in the trap, set for animals. Because of the bleeding, he passes out and after a while, he wakes up in an attic. He’s confused at first but finds out that a woman from a farm took care of him and his wound. However, her father, old Arnaud, who is also a farm owner, doesn’t want him on his estate. Nevertheless, Sean stays on the farm, because the injury is really bad.

His past is chasing him but at the same time, he’s attracted to the mysteries of the farm and its residents.

I read Beckett’s mysteries when I want to read a good crime novel but at the same time I know, I won’t have to think much while reading. His books relax and entertain me. They are always good enough and until I read this book, I was never disappointed.

Book Stone Bruises actually combines two stories – first is about Sean on the run and how he ends in the farm, while the second story are snapshots from Sean’s past from London and the events that lead to his run.

After Sean’s arriving on the mysterious farm, I was constantly in tension, what secrets would be revealed and I was expecting horrific crimes that residents on the farm are hiding. Things were unveiled but I had to wait almost to the end of the book. And it was far from shocking and far from horrific things that I expected to be revealed. Until the end, this book was just describing Sean’s daily routine on the farm, his work and tense relations between Arnaud and his two daughters.

I didn’t like none of the characters and I can only assume, that this was an intention of the author if he wanted to show intolerable relations on the farm and its eccentric inhabitants. I even didn’t have a good opinion about Sean. Despite the fact, he was on the run, he still insisted in intolerable conditions and allowed to be humiliated by old man. He involved himself into something that was not necessary. He could leave anytime. But no, he stayed on the farm and got himself into a strange and unenviable situation.

I was also disappointed with Sean’s story about his past/crime he committed. Through the book, the story is progressively revealed but I expected so much more from it also.

As I already mentioned, all the secrets are revealed. But in the last few pages, which is really a pity. It was just too much of everything and not shocking at all. Too bad.

This book was not bad, but in my opinion, there are many other better crime novels to read, so I would probably not recommend it. Just grab some other book, if you want to enjoy a good mystery.

Rating: 2/5 stars

Did you read this book? What are your thoughts about it? Did you read any other Beckett’s books and what did you think about them?



Book Review: City of Bones

Title: City of Bones

Author: Michael Connelly


The bones were discovered in the woods and detective Harry
Bosch starts to investigate this case. Soon he discovers that bones belonged to a twelve-year-old boy who was apparently murdered more than twenty years ago. Because it happened a long time ago, this case is, even more, difficult to investigate and finding a killer more demanding.

Bosch begins to explore and dig into the past and slowly composing pieces of the life of murdered boy and his tragic fate.

This is an eight book in the series of detective Bosch. I figured this out only after I started reading it but fortunately, it’s not necessary to read books in some particular order because each of them deals with its own case and they are not connected.


I would say that this book is a solid read. It was interesting to read about the discovery of the bones and digging into the past and drafting all the pieces together. But I can’t say that this book or case stands out in any way. It was fast read and solid mystery book – the one you read fast but also forget about it fast. At least, in my case, it will probably be that way.

Nevertheless, the story is tense and of course, I wondered if Bosch will find out who the killer is. What I really liked about this book was, that Connelly did a great job and obviously went to details about police work and work of detectives. All procedures of police work are described in details and also explained but still in the way that reader don’t get bored. As a result, the case is really realistically planned. Which is a big plus of this book.

A negative side of this book was a romance – at least for me, a totally unnecessary addition in this book. Fact, that detective Boch starts to date his colleague, doesn’t much contribute to the whole story and everything would unfold just in the same way, even if their romance wouldn’t happen. Their relationship leads to some other, even more, unnecessary event (I’m not going to write about what happened because you know… spoilers and that stuff). But everything together is just one big mess, where a reader has a lot of questions but in the end, you’re left confused and without some logical conclusion. And this was a reason why I rated this book with fewer stars.


There is just one main character in this book and it’s detective Harry Bosch. Everyone else is just some figures who appears when it’s essential for the story.

Detective Bosch is a typical detective – single, works all the time, after work he goes for a drink, he listen to jazz and jumps between sheets with a co-worker in no time. And apparently those are characteristic that all detectives have to have. Because I really have a feeling that all detectives are the same, at least in a crime novels that I read. Perhaps it wouldn’t be bad if authors of crime novels would try something new.

But in general, a character of Bosch is well designed and I wouldn’t mind read more about him and his work.


This book was not bad at all but again, it was not some amazing read either. But Connelly writing style is appealing and probably in future, I will read more of his books. Especially if I will want some quick read to relax.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Did you read any book in Harry Bosch series? Which is your favorite? Do you have any favorite crime novel?