Book Review: Auggie & Me

Title: Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories

Author: R.J. Palacio


In book Wonder, we read about a boy named Auggie, who was born with a facial deformity and starts attending a new school.

This book consists of three different chapters – Julian chapter, Pluto, and Shingaling. Julian chapter is told from a perspective of Julian, who bullied Auggie in book Wonder. Pluto chapter is told from a perspective of Christopher, Auggie’s best friend since early childhood. And the last chapter, Shingaling, is told from a perspective of Charlotte, who is now Auggie’s classmate.

This book is not a sequel to Wonder, it’s a companion novel with three different points of views on Auggie from Wonder. Each view has its own chapter within the book and can be read completely separately from other two.

First, it’s Julian chapter. Julian is a spoiled kid and he couldn’t accept Auggie and soon it’s clear why. He simply repeats the behavior patterns of his mother, who also had troubles accepting Auggie. She’s scared of Auggie and with her behavior, she’s encouraging her son to behave likewise. Julian (as his mother) always justifies his behavior, defending himself he’s only joking and that people shouldn’t felt so offended by his jokes. It was hard for me to read this story because Julian was mean and I didn’t like him at all. Not to mention his mother who was supporting, encouraging and justification Julian’s unacceptable behavior.

Next one is Pluto chapter, where we met Christopher, who is/was Auggie’s best friend from early childhood. They drifted away because of his moving to some other place. This story, more or less, represents Christopher’s memories of Auggie and how friendship with him affected his life. I felt that during growing up, Christopher started feeling ashamed of Auggie’s look. This aspect is the only thing that I found interesting in this chapter. It’s a reflection, how are we accepting social prejudices and how we submit to the opinion of others while growing up.

The story Shingaling, Charlotte’s chapter, is the longest but while reading it, I was surprised, there was almost no Auggie in it. Basically, it’s a story about growing up girl, her daily life, and problems in school. Maybe there was some secret connection of her story with Auggie’s but I couldn’t find it.

I enjoyed reading this book but it was far from what we got in Wonder. It seemed to me, that author just wanted to extend the success of it. At first, I was truly curious to read what other has to say about Auggie and how he affected their lives, but I think it was simply not best managed. Of all three stories, I enjoyed reading Julian’s chapter the most, even though I found characters unbearable. Because the other two stories are mainly just a description of the lives of two people, with occasional references to Auggie.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Did you read this book? If so, what are your thought about it? And what about the book Wonder?



Book Review: Let it Snow

Title: Let it Snow

Authors: John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle


One of the worst snow storms is causing chaos on Christmas Eve.

Despite the storm, Jubilee has to go to her grandparents with a train. But the snow storm is so strong that train stops and Jubilee has no other option than to leave the train and head to the nearby Waffle House. There she meets Stuart who offers her help.

JP, Duke (Angie) and Tobin are also headed to Waffle House, even though they had different plans for Christmas Eve. But they received a phone call that some crazy stuff is going there and, of course, they want to check it out. On the way nothing goes as it was planned, they crash the car but still they want to arrive at Waffle Hause in time.

Addie has just broken up with her boyfriend and she doesn’t want anything else for Christmas Eve than to spent all day in her room. Still she has to go working next day.

All three stories merge at the end.

I bought this book two years ago and since then it was lying on my bookshelf. Due to the Christmas theme somehow I didn’t think it was appropriate to read it in any other time but before the Christmas. And I’m glad that this year I finally decided to read it. The first reason is that it really put me in a festive mood and the second is that this book is just really cute (and I just don’t understand now why I haven’t read it before).

The Jubilee Express

It’s the story I liked the most. Jubilee is fun and charming and I was glad that everything unfolded fine for her. I was having fun while reading about her parents adventures, but most of all I liked Stuart’s mother. Although I do not know if I would like to know that kind of person in real life, haha.

Rating: 5/5

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle

I have great expectations with this story because the author is John Green. But of all three stories in the book I liked this one least.

The main protagonists are really likable and playful and actually in all three stories I wished that I could be among them. However, I got a feeling that Green exaggerated a little bit – yes, I’m talking about that competition who would arrive at Waffle House first.

Rating: 3/5

The Patron Saint of Pigs

Despite the fact that I suspected how this story will evolve, I nonetheless enjoyed reading it. At first, I didn’t like Addie that much but at the end she also sees how she changed and grew up and this was also a whole point of the story.

Rating: 4/5

I would definitely, even more, enjoy this book if it would be snowing outside. But this year we’re not lucky enough to have snow and there’s nothing we can do about it. But I’m still pleased that I finally read it because it really is a lovely book to read before Christmas.

This book is worth of reading because of it’s funny dialogues and adventures of main characters.

Rating: 4/5

If you read this book what did you think about it? Which story did you enjoy the most?


Book review: The Grownup

Title: The Grownup

Author: Gillian Flynn 26025580

The main character in this book is a canny young woman who’s making a money for living with harmless frauds since she was little. As a little girl, she was begging for money with her mother but now, when she’s independent and living on her own, she’s reading people’s auras. One day a young woman, Susan Burke comes for aura reading. Susan has moved into an old Victorian house with her husband and two sons, but she’s not happy in her new home. Her new house fills her with a sense of fear. She wants help because she thinks that house is dangerous and has a bad influence on her eldest stepson. The heroine (her name is not revealed) doesn’t hesitate and offers her help because she sees a great opportunity to earn a lot of money from unhappy and rich Susan.

This book is actually a short story, which was published as a book. Because I really liked previous Flynn’s books I was really happy that I could read something new from her. Even more so, because I don’t read a lot of short stories and I was wondering if the author has managed to create a tension as in her other books.

I must admit that main character is presented very well. Again (like in previous Flynn’s books) a heroine is a young woman who had problems in childhood and difficult adolescence. This is a regular feature is Flynn’s stories. Nevertheless, I liked her (which I can’t claim for characters in other books), because she’s funny which also reflects in the text.

However, I think that the biggest problem of this story is her length. I believe it would be much better if the author would have a chance to develop her characters and develop ideas. And this would only be possible if the book would be longer.

I really liked the first part of the book, but the second part left me down. Because, suddenly, the reader is faced with a lot of facts that must be quickly adopted. Also, the facts are given out very dull and too detailed (there is not much left for reader’s imagination). This is also a reason, why I was not satisfied with the end. Moreover, there were a way to many twists in the story at the end, which would be totally fine if the story would be longer.

Otherwise, this book is good, solid reading (a really fast read) but I must admit that I expected more from it.

Rating: 3/5