Book Review: Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Title: Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Author: Laini Taylor8490112

Karou is a high school student who attends art school in Prague. In her sketchbook, she’s drawing most unusual creatures with animal and human body parts. Her friends admire her artwork and her imagination. However, Karou is not drawing things that would be made-up. She never had a human family and since her birth, she was raised by creatures she’s drawing.

Brimstone, demon and monster, who took over a role of her father, collects animal and human teeth, but he doesn’t want to tell her why. Karou is curious about her past and she starts to discover more about it, when burned palm prints start to appear around the world, left there by angels. One of them is Akiva, who is particularly interested in Karou.

Years ago, I was seeing this book everywhere, but I was not interested in reading it. Last time, I saw it in my local library and said, why not? I borrowed it, read it and I was pleasantly surprised.

I liked the main character Karou because she was strong, independend and had a strong character. Nevertheless, the author didn’t exaggerate with her strong character – her loneliness and questioning about her past made her vulnerable and even more interesting.

At first, I was unimpressed by Akiva, because he seemed too cold but later, I changed my opinion about him. In the second half of the book, when his story begins to reveal and when I learned about his life and loss, I started to like him and understand better, why he acts so untouchable.

The story pulled me in from the start. Brimstone and the rest of the characters were interesting and certainly I wanted to learn more about them and their role in the world. What bothered me were small plot holes. It was strange that the events did not have (almost) no impact in the world. Yes, the author mentioned that people were started seeing angels and considered it as miracles. But still, I thought was strange, when Karou and Akiva were fighting and a crowd, watching this faith, remained completely passive. For me, this was unbelievable and quite unrealistic.

Not to mention the reaction of Karou best friend Zuzana, when she tells her about her past. Zuzana just accepted her story without questioning, like it’s something totally natural to have a best friend who hangs out with angel and strange monsters. Yeah… we all have a friend like that.

When I started with the second half of the book, I was skeptical. It was boring at the start and I was not convinced about a love story of Akiva and Madrigal. However, both stories connected really well at the end and altogether turned out completely unexpected.

I was surprised that romance was so in the foreground in this book and love at fist sight seemed to me far-fetched in both cases. I understand that it happens once, but not twice. Sorry. Nevertheless, I didn’t mind about romance scenes because of beautiful, poetic language and it was not cheesy at all. So, it was ok.

I liked this book so much, that I will continue with next book in this trilogy. I really want to find out what will happen between Karou and Akiva and how the fight between angels and demons ends.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts about it? Does the trilogy get even better?



Book review: City of Fallen Angels

Title: City of Fallen Angels

Author: Cassandra Clare6752378

Two months after the bloody battle, life is back on the track. Clary is in New York, where she’s training to become Shadowhunter and helping her mother with planning a wedding. She’s happy that she can finally enjoy with Jace, with whom they’re finally a couple now.

However, soon the first body of killed Shadowhunter appears and then another. It’s obvious that somebody is intentionally killing Shadowhunters, just to spoil a peace between them and Downworlders, which could lead to another war. Of course, vampires are the first suspect, which doesn’t surprise Simon. But he has already enough of his own problems. His mother just found out that he’s a vampire and kicked him out, he has no place to stay and besides that he has love problems. He doesn’t have time for Clary and her problems with Jace, who is drifting away from her.

If I enjoyed reading first three books from the series, I couldn’t say the same for this book. This book is completely average and nothing special. On the contrary, I thought it was dull. There was just a lot of whining from all characters.

The only thing I liked was Simon being in the foreground (in previous books it was Clary). I liked Simon a lot from previous books because he’s such a likable character, so when I started reading this book I thought it would be awesome because it is written from his perspective. It’s true, that reader can find out more about him, his life and life of vampires, but Simon is not funny or likable anymore. He’s a coward who is dating two girls at a time, just because he can’t decide which one he likes more. Ok, he even doesn’t know if he’s in a relationship with any of them. Because he’s too afraid to talk about that.

Instead of enjoying in their fresh love and chance of being a couple, Clary and Jace are distancing from each other. Jace is being stubborn and depressed most of the time and Clary doesn’t know what’s going on. Of course, none of them would sit down and talk about their problems. It’s better to ignore things.

Alec and Magnus are more in the background in this book – I think they actually appear in second half of the book because they were in vacations. When they finally return, they also fight all the time and blaming each other for things from the past and the ones from future that actually didn’t even happened yet. Again, they won’t discuss their problems, it’s so much more fun to not talk with each other.

You can probably see already what was mostly going on in this book. And what lacked in this book – an honest talk or just honesty in general. It’s amazing how things could be easier if these people would just talk to each other (but probably it would not be good for a book).

The plot would be so much more interesting if people would act mature. But because of the drama, I couldn’t focus on anything else. And even that little action and tension that was part of the plot was completely lost amongst constant whining. All those relationship problems, depression and darkness, instead of happiness and joy, which I expected after the third book.

I will continue with the series, I already borrowed next book from a library and I hope it will be better. Because I was really disappointed after finishing this one.

Rating: 2/5 stars

What did you think about this book? Do we have similar thoughts or you don’t agree with me? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!